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Shining Soul




With her  golden fingerprints, made from gold bathed bronze, artist Del Pilar Sallum creates a powerful allusion to the wide array of identities that pile up and blend into life, and thereby Begin to shine and glow. Fingerprints are marks of identity. However, when they are detached, deprived of their bodies, they seem to escape the limits of their skins and merge into a huge pile of golden and ancillary shapes.


Prof. Dra. Kátia Canton.

A Mão Revelada

The Revealed Hand

Stella Teixeira de Barros


Temporada de Projetos

Seasons of Projects

Cristiana Mazzucchelli



Time Hand

Stella Teixeira de Barros



Maria Izabel Branco Ribeiro

Del Pilar Sallum

Del Pilar Sallum (english)

Maria Izabel Branco Ribeiro


Os Fios da Matéria

Materic Threads

Stella Teixeira de Barros


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