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Replication Contemporary

DEL PILAR SALLUM shows a jumble of impressions of your own fingers, made in bronze, alternately concave and convex, made from the press of your thumb in a mold of sand and clay. The multiplication of its digital sculpture becomes obsessive record of identity.Translated into a myriad of ways that seek, in the amount of replicas, impossible to register the copy in its perfect similarity, the heap is divided into a multiplicity uncontrolled, non-standardizable. The little thumbs-sculptures, together, in quantity, they become witnesses of fantasies contemporary narratives. Now resemble marine forms such as shells and shellfish, stubbornly sprouted on the surface, sometimes scatological take on forms, inaccurate excretions bulky like many unwanted and unavoidable.


(Catalogue). Body Double Exposure-Multiple Visions of Contemporary Gallery - Multiple - Sao Paulo, 1997

Katia Canton 

A Mão Revelada

The Revealed Hand

Stella Teixeira de Barros


Temporada de Projetos

Seasons of Projects

Cristiana Mazzucchelli



Time Hand

Stella Teixeira de Barros



Maria Izabel Branco Ribeiro

Del Pilar Sallum

Del Pilar Sallum (english)

Maria Izabel Branco Ribeiro


Os Fios da Matéria

Materic Threads

Stella Teixeira de Barros


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