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A Mão Revelada

The Revealed Hand

Stella Teixeira de Barros


Temporada de Projetos

Seasons of Projects

Cristiana Mazzucchelli


One Hand Washes the Other


Post 3 

Del Pilar photographs artists' hands. But her pictures reach beyond the mere registration. The artists' hands (and the art), which were for a long time associated just to the manual work, now bring dozens of other senses. “To give a hand” is synonymous of help; “fairy hand” is a skilled hand, while “hand of iron” means an oppressor power, with implacable firmness. “Two-way”, in opposition to “one-way” (*), is related to the traffic in two senses, but not just of vehicles. Now, ”hand in the ball”, depending on the context, interferes in the humor of a nation, even more if it goes inside of the area (**). A “heavy hand” may put an end to any work or it may be the mark of an artist. There are some that leave that off. After all, it is not just with the hand that art is made. 


[*] – T.N. – In Portuguese the Word “way” in both expressions is substituted by “hand”, reason why the example is intelligible in Portuguese only.


[**] – T.N. – That refers to a soccer rule.

(Merzblog) (Catálogo). Projeto Ocupação - Paço das Artes, São Paulo; 2005


Cauê Alves 


Time Hand

Stella Teixeira de Barros



Maria Izabel Branco Ribeiro

Del Pilar Sallum

Del Pilar Sallum (english)

Maria Izabel Branco Ribeiro


Os Fios da Matéria

Materic Threads

Stella Teixeira de Barros


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